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Did you hear? It’s a new year!

3 Jan


Welcome, 2014! Wow am I ready for a fresh start in this new year. Not gonna lie, December has been a month of ups and downs for me. For half of the month I ate pretty healthy with little to no “cheats”. But towards Christmas I started to fall back into my bad eating habits and beer. Lots of beer. I was at my Dad’s house most of the time and did not cook as much as I should have (Note to self: don’t let Dad make his delicious cookies when I come over). I kept telling myself, “On New Years day I will start eating healthy again”. Those are dangerous words! It is so much easier to gain weight than to lose weight and I learned that the hard way. I put on about 4 pounds in December but I’m not letting it get me down. I have come too far and am not in the same mind set I was this time last year.

For Christmas I got a few goodies from my love! I got a few ROGUE clothes and a NutriBullet! I was stoked to get the Bullet because I haven’t had a food processor/blender in years. I have already made a green smoothie and homemade pesto!



Post work out cuteness. Just showing my love for this green smoothie.

So it’s time to establish my 2014 Resolutions. But for me, these are promises that I’m making to myself. Promises that I will hold myself accountable for.

  • Of course I have weight loss goals, but I also have lifting goals. By March, I want to be able to back squat 200lbs and front squat 185lbs
  • I am going to do more things that make me happy
  • I will save more money (this will be a tough one)
  • I am going to volunteer more at my local dog shelter
  • By this time next year I am going to graduate Texas State University

Basically, I want to make 2014 my b*tch. I want to be proud of what I accomplished and not pray that the next year will get better because of previous downfalls. 2013 has been a roller-coaster, lets see what this year has in store.

“It always seems impossible until it is done”

-Nelson Mandela 


The Caveman Diet

8 Sep

Keep Calm Pig GreenPersonally, I have tried every diet known to man. Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, low carb, low calorie, vegetarian, just to name a few. Most of them did do their job; most of these diets made me lose weight. The problem was that they never stuck. I was always hungry, craving something else, wanting to binge eat or feeling weak.

When joining Crossfit, I quickly learned that the preferred way of eating was the Paleolithic (or “Paleo”) Diet. This diet consists of eating mainly nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, and fish. Basically, excluding dairy products, grains, legumes, excess sugar, and vegetable oils. This is probably the easiest way to eat healthy in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, every once in a while I do cheat and eat a nice Chipotle burrito with rice, but I don’t crave it like I once did.


Seasoned grilled shrimp on a bed of lettuce

Eating a steak with veggies and quinoa leaves me more satisfied than ‘counting points’ with weight watchers low calorie foods that still leave me hungry. Going out to eat is also much easier when eating Paleo because you can actually eat! As long as you are following the guidelines it is much easier to stick with this diet because you WILL see the results.


Above Picture: Egg Whites cooked with bacon fat and two slices of bacon
Bottom Picture: Quinoa with grilled chicken


Enjoi Life chocolate chip Paleo pancakes


Egg frittata with egg beaters, ground turkey, broccoli, onions, bell peppers, salt and pepper