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So I’m going to start this blog off with a little history lesson about myself. First of all, my name is Carly. Growing up I was always outside and constantly begged to not come back in for dinner. When you get older, less active and lazy your once high metabolism is no longer there. About sophomore year of high school I started gaining some unwanted weight. No, I wasn’t obese… But unhealthy eating habits and little to no exercise caused me to see the scale go up. People always think that the number you see on the scale will motivate you enough to lose weight but that’s not always the case.

When starting college I thought “This is a chance to be who I want to be; healthy”. So I started working out, eating healthy, and living an overall healthier lifestyle; I lost 20 lbs.. This all came to a halt when my world turned upside down. My sophomore year of college, my parents got divorced. This hit me hard, so what did I do? Eat. I’m a self proclaimed ’emotional eater’. This slowly turned into a year of bad habits all over again. When I was happy, I ate. When I was sad, I ate. When I was stressed out, I ate.

This will be another new start for me in this chapter of my life– a healthier chapter. I want to make a lifestyle change, not a temporary fad diet that never seems to stick. So in April of 2013 I started what is now my new addiction, Crossfit. During these months I have seen vast changes in myself and have achieved goals I never thought I would get close to. Now I will be starting this blog giving you an inside look of me trying to be healthy, happy and strong.


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