Grace Off and Blogging

9 Dec

Above is a video of the boys at my box doing Grace!

When starting to eat healthy, I looked to others when making food or exercising. I got most of my inspiration from other female bloggers around my age. When I got an assignment for school to start a blog I felt like it was a sign to start my ‘personal brand’. By being able to write about my daily triumphs and struggles, I feel like this is almost an open journal for others to read. Some of my closest friends don’t even know some of the personal struggles that I convey on my blog. Why do I do this? Because I hope someone like me 6 months ago will read this and find some helpful tools or advice. But most of all, because I can’t stop writing about a lifestyle that I have learned to love and practice!

As I go on with my blogging, I hope to improve on many areas. I hope to ‘personalize’ my blog more by more pictures of my daily life. I have noticed that the more personal my blog posts are, the more replies/likes there are. I also would like to network more and have sincere connections with other bloggers. That I could find others to guest blog on my blog or to be a guest on theirs’ is a goal of mine as well. I am a Mass Communications major and getting a job to blog for a company (or myself) would be a dream career.


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